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UMN Fall Campus

The Camell lab is part of the Medical Discovery Team on Aging and the Institute on the Biology of Aging and Metabolism at the University of Minnesota.

Age is associated with increased inflammation, visceral adiposity and metabolic disease. Tissue resident immune cells are required for dampening inflammation and maintaining tissue homeostasis. There are changes in resident immune cells that drive the increased inflammation and metabolic impairments that are seen with increased age.
Our research is focused in the biology of aging. We are studying the cellular and molecular changes within tissue resident immune cells that drive metabolic impairments in tissues. In particular, we are focused on lipolysis, a metabolic process that is required for release of energetic substrates from stored triglycerides in adipocytes. Lipolysis is impaired in aged individuals and this impairment may contributes to a worsened ability of elderly to maintain a healthy body-weight, stay warm or exercise.

We aim to maintain a highly collaborative, independently funded lab, focused on defining inflammatory mechanisms that drive loss of adipose tissue homeostasis and disease during aging and age-related diseases. 

Nils Hasselmo Hall

Our lab is housed in Nils Hasselmo Hall on the Twin Cities Campus. 

Camell staff

The 2023 iBAM Retreat to Itasca State Park in Park Rapids, Minnesota.