Research Summary

The Camell lab’s expertise centers around evaluating tissue inflammation, especially the inflammasome activation, and immune cell responses using a variety of transgenic and knockout mouse models, in vitro cell culture and combination of genetics, pharmacological, biochemical readouts to fully address basic questions regarding metabolic impairments that are seen in adipose tissue. We use whole mount confocal imaging and tissue clearing to visualize the intact tissue and the cells in their microenvironments within adipose tissue.

Our lab focuses on mouse models of aging and uses a wide variety of techniques to investigate the changes occurring with age. We combine this in vivo approach with a complementary in vitro cell culture system to better understand a direct mechanism. Ultimately, our goal is to generate candidates that could be targets for therapeutically treating to improve health span and restore metabolism in the elderly.


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Researcher at work in the lab

S. Cholensky
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