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What's "In the News" in the Camell Lab! 

Congratulations to the first author, Anna Carey, for the publication of her project. It was done in collaboration with Drs. Thomas Griffith (UMN) and Vladimir Badovinac (U of Iowa). Congrats also to other Camell lab members/alumni who worked on this project. Check it out here!

Congratulations to Victor Kruglov and Ina Jang on their recent publication! 
Inflammaging and fatty acid oxidation in monocytes and macrophages - Check it out here!

Congratulations to Katie Nguyen for receiving the UROP Award!
Katie Nguyen, undergraduate student, won the UROP Award to perform independent research on her project titled "Examining Cellular Senescence and Brown Adipose-Like Features of Cardiac Adipose Tissue in Female and Male Mice." More information on the University of Minnesota UROP award can be found here! Nice job, Katie! 

Congratulations to Victor Kruglov of the Camell lab on his recent award for TOP Abstract at the Undergraduate Research Symposium!
Victor Kruglov was selected for an oral presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by Integrative Biology and Physiology. He also won an award for top abstract! Great job, Victor! 

Congratulations to Korbyn and Anna of the Camell lab on their recent travel awards!
Korbyn Dahlquist and Anna Carey have been selected to receive travel awards to the American Association of Immunology Conference in May of 2023 in Washington, DC! They have also been invited to give poster/oral presentations. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Anna Carey on receiving the 2023 Frederick E. Shideman Leadership Award!
The Shideman Leadership Award recognizes exemplary contributions to the Pharmacology community, made outside of the research lab, by a senior PhD student. This award is determined by the votes of the students in the MPaT Program and while several of our fantastic graduate students were nominated, Anna won the majority of votes for her outstanding leadership. In addition to serving two terms on the Pharmacology Graduate Student Organization (PGSO) board as Vice President and President, Anna is a founding member of the Council of Graduate Students (CGS) which advocates for the needs of Graduate Students in the Medical School. Please join us in congratulating Anna in her achievement and acting as a great role model for our Pharmacology MPaT students!

Congratulations to Dr. Camell on her recent awards!
Christina Camell, PhD, received the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship! The goal of the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship Program is to advance the careers of assistant professors at a crucial point in their professional lives. The designation of “McKnight Land-Grant Professor” is held by recipients for a two-year period. Congratulations, Dr. Camell!

Christina Camell, PhD, received a notice of award for her competitive submission to the National Institute on Aging titled Role of PD1 and IL-10 during infection in aging. This 2-year project seeks to investigate the potential difference(s) in the molecular and cellular mechanisms modulating the inflammatory response to infection in existing mouse models of aging. Dr. Camell is a member of the core faculty of iBAM and holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics (BMBB) as well as graduate faculty appointments in the Departments of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MPaT) and Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (MICaB). 

Victor and Christina