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How to join the Camell Lab!

Undergraduates: Send Dr. Christina Camell an email at [email protected]. Include a few sentences about why you want to do research. Please include your year of study and your declared major. Open spots for undergraduates changes on a regular basis.

Graduate: I am a member of the following graduate programs at the University of Minnesota: Molecular, Cellular and Structural Biology , Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics , Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology and Integrative Biology and Physiology. Please follow the links to get information as to how to apply to each program. 

Postdocs/Research Scientist Positions: If you are interested in postdoctoral training, please provide your CV or resume and a cover letter stating your interests and why you are interested in this position to Dr. Christina Camell at [email protected].

Stephanie C in the Camell lab

Researcher in the Camell lab. 

Camell lab photo